Ferragù wine is still today considered a great fine red wine, with undisputable merit.
Once entered in the market, the estate’s wines have been received with heartfelt reviews from critics and passionates.
Of course, so much passionated and numerous audience, besides the unquestionable high quality product, has excited the curiosity of the critic, which eventually arrived. A lot of articles have been wrote on headlines and reached specialists of the sector, rewards and prizes. For the structure, the sharpness and the excellent tannic smoothness.

Because they’re wines which result complete and persistent in the mouth, rich in content and clean.

Ferragù wine is a great fine red wine, but most of all is a meditation wine.

These wines enhance not only the most meticolous and rigorous palates, but also delights who wants to enjoy a travel through the exaltation of the senses.

From the “Oro del Merano” for the Valpolicella Superior to the prestigious Platinum for the Amarone, the Ferragù wines have been rewarded many times.

In spite of the limited number of bottles of this fine red wine, surely not a large scale production, Carlo and his stable team achieved success in Italy and extremely positive reviews all around the world.

Good to remember that just a decade ago, before the big step, the Ferragù estate winery used to deliver all of its grapes to the Cantina Sociale.

Supported by his brothers, Carlo took great risks and responsibilities on him. Being well aware of the subject and with the advices of a wise mentor on his side, he’s been patient, waiting for the right moment, listening to the times.

Today, the Ferragù wines are getting prestigious reviews, both nationally and internationally. For the personality and depth of the product, which grows up thanks to the harmony between the passion for this job and severe check up and technology-supported verifications.
The last award, in August 2017, is the platinum medal The WineHunter Award 2017, achieved for the outstanding over-the-top quality of the Valpolicella Superior DOC 2014 thanks to fullness, body, lenght, elegance, pleasantness, harmony in all of it’s constituents and the endless “aha” effect. Award that crowns it as the best Veneto red wine from Veneto.