Valpolicella Superior and Amarone: land of great veneto red wine.

Hills and unique features. In this untouched lands, the nature expresses itself in all its astounding beauty, still today birthplace of one of the most appreciated veneto red wines.

The Valpolicella Superior and the Amarone are the result of a supreme territory kissed by nature, which covers the entire pre-mountain land of the Verona province.

A territory that starts from the Garda lake and reaches the boundaries of Vicenza. A territory that has always given the viticulturists a sweet, dry climate, a wonderful and constant solar exposition and ideal rainfalls, concentrated in spring and autumn.

In this land where from many centuries the work in the vineyard and the lives of the men are linked each other, growing step by step together, there are many historic producers as well as new generations who have chosen to walk a path being anything but safe, but rich of great surprises and satisfaction.

Year by year, they work to improve the quality of the Valpolicella Superior and the Amarone, veneto red wine famous in Italy as well as worldwide. Year by year, the hard work improves the quality of the Valpolicella Superior and the Amarone east of the Verona province, in Val d’Illasi.

Located in the Verona province, the Val d’Illasi is about twenty kilometres far from the city of Verona. Called Valsecca in remote times for its shortage of rainfalls, it belongs almost entirely to Veneto, except for the northern part that reaches the Carega’s Dolomites in Trentino Alto Adige.

This valley is characterized by a various landscape where plain, mountains and smooth hills alternate following the dry Progno riverbed and touching seven municiplities – including Illasi, the one that gives its name to the entire valley. Over the centuries the Val d’Illasi has been known with different names: Val di Tregnago, Valle del Progno, Val Longazeria or Logazeria.

For the first time, around the first half of XVIII century, the valley has been named Valle d’Illasi in a “Carta del territorio veronese” signed by Don Gregorio Piccoli.

Today, this land is divided in the municipalities of Colognola ai Colli, Illasi, Tregnago, Badia Calavena and Selva di Progno.

The rainfalls are concentrated almost exclusively in autumn and spring, when the Progno grows as centuries ago, causing troubles to the inhabitants victim of water shortages during the other months of the year.

Thank to this climate, respected and revered as well as the environmental and landscape value of the land, is produced one of the best Amarone, the Ferragù estate Winery’s Amarone, praised for its impenetrable purple red, a significant reality of this valley full of history that has nothing to envy to the Amarone produced in the western zone of Verona, and has to be tasted with balance, slowly, sip by sip.