The Passito IGT – dessert wine Carlo Ferragù is called Terre della Sorte. "Sorte" derives from the term "Sortedo", fate, destiny, word linked to the floods of the river Progno which
following huge rainfalls used to be a threat for the cultivations nearby.

It colors the glass of a full noble red.

Characteristic is the intense red fruit flavor, with a spiced taste of cherry jam and morello-cherry jam that delights the palate with smoothness.

The Passito IGT -Dessert Wine – Carlo Ferragù can be combined with almost every dessert, from cream to pastry.
Mr. Carlo suggests to drink it with fine dark chocolate.


The Valpolicella Superior Ferragù is a wine of great temper and structure which completely departs from the usual category wine. It is a wine with a faceted personality, vivid color, noble and excellent tannic persistence.

Intense ruby red colour.

A fruit flavor reaches the nose and it perfectly blends itself with spiced and vanilla flavor.

It results full, smooth and persistent to the mouth.

A clean wine, of great content. A wine of stature with superb clarity.

The Ferragù's Valpolicella Superior is a great fine red wine which can remarkably well atend red meats, braised meats, roast and most of all venison.

It's also suggested with salami, aged cheese and typical dishes.



The Amarone of Valpolicella is a wine of complex structure, elegant, balanced, rich and intense, such as the extraordinary shade of its impenetrable red as well as unreachable are its flavor and taste.

With a strong ruby red color with raisin bouquet that hints of sweet jam with spices.

Full, supple and persistent to the palate.

Excellent tannic suppleness.

The Amarone of Valpolicella Ferragù is surely a good companion for a pleasant meditation, it is its role to be tasted alone.

However, being a wine persistent in body and personality, it is possible to combine it only with rich dishes, aged cheese, venison, roast, braised meat and stew.

Of course, it is the perfect companion of a tipical Venetodish, the "Risotto all'Amarone".