To follow the creation of an outstanding Valpolicella Superior which has no need of many words, but it introduces itself on his own, it is necessary to reach a colorful and fascinating winery. With a yellow-ochre facade and parallel orange stripes. The rear facing towards an expanse of highly cured vineyards, result of years and years of love and dedication, cure and patience.

Sorcè di Sopra,

Cellore, Val d’Illasi,

in the lush and rich eastern part of the provinceof Verona.This winery is located here.

Località Sorcè di Sopra, 12/1 37030 Cellore di Illasi (VR) ITALY
It is managed by Carlo Ferragù, the estate winery carries his name.The name of an open-minded man, however bound to his truth, a man open to technology and progress as well as the pleasures and duties of life. A pragmatic, straightforward man, whose description shouldn't be reduced in few, dry words; anyway, his portrait is still precise, sharp and candid as the sunbeams that burn faces, hands and arms during the endless harvesting days.
Since 2002, in this winery with such a colorful, memorable facade, a veneto red wine of undisputable quality is constantly produced, a wine so poor in frills and pleasantries as rich in notes on the palate and the nose.In 1997 in this winery started the experimentation of the first Amarone. A wine which is the result of the accurate selection of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Croatina grapes. These grapes are cultivated on the slopes of the Val d'Illasi hills, chosen and let wither following an ancient tradition.
In this winery, which most prominent part has romanic origin, the title of fine veneto red wines is restricting for wines such as the Valpolicella Superior, the Amarone of Valpolicella and the Passito IGT called "Terre della Sorte". Because these wines are symbol of quality, substance, physical and mental resistance. They are the paradoxical prelude of body and finesse, pride and dignity, connection with the territory and fraternal bond.

The Ferragù CarloEstate Winery wines have reached broad support of critics and passionates, today as in the past.

In Italiy.

Around the World.


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